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Ben Knight


I've always had a passion for building and fixing things.  I had always dreamt of building my own house, but never quite got there for lots of reasons but mainly because of the huge cost and time involvement. 

I've done lots of home remodels over the years on my own house as well as a few rental properties, and done smaller building projects like sheds and chicken coops.  I've also had lots of ideas for businesses and inventions that help people, but again never had the time. 

Then a few years back, I heard about Tiny Houses, Minimalism and a different way of life that would allow me to pursue my dreams.  I immediately set a course for changing my lifestyle to focus on things that brought purpose to my life, and steered away from the big fancy house, job, truck etc. 

I built and sold my first tiny house on wheels this past year, the one pictured on this website, finishing up a 1200 square house now for a customer in Halifax VT, and last week decided I was going to build a small building to function as an office with loft bedroom in my backyard.

Starting this business is my way of being able to help others along a similar journey.  My life is pretty simple so I don't need to make much money to survive, helping others and making a difference is my main focus.  I've considered making this a non-profit, and still may go that route, just not quite sure yet about the extra government oversight involved with that route that may take away from my mission.

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